Friday, July 20, 2007

It has been a while...a random thought the title has been a while since i last blogged. Indeed i never thought much about blogging and would rather sit and chat away at my usual Robert Harris (decent coffee they have there) joint.

Just putting this out there, though i doubt anyone would notice this for a while, if anyone chances upon this, do post your thoughts...

It would just seem to me that the reason why Islam sees God as being able to wipe away our sins at a mere snap of a finger should he wishes to is because they see God as this ruler of the universe likened to your regular king in times past. If one of this kings subjects were to disobey the rules of the kingdom or say the king's will, if the king is merciful, he may pardon his subjects if not it of to the dungeons.
But in my opinion, doesn't that make his will (or the law) a separate entity from God himself? Which also means his will (or the law) would seem to be of another force of its own of which God has no power of or in other words as it does not influence him in any way (ie - breaks his heart) there is a separate force behind the will and the law....?
However, in contrast, the God of Christianity sees sin as a breaking of God's heart. Sin or the disobeying of the will of God of Christianity is going against whatever goodness there is in his creation (God the creator means that creation is part of himself). Therefore, sin is a blemish to his 100% wholly divine nature. In other words, the will (and the law) are one with God as it is part of him and it is in his authority. Sin, like a blemish in his wholly divine nature is only repayable through justice being done and the atonement of it by the sinner.

This is of course where Jesus Christ comes into the picture.

But somehow...i just can't help but imagine, from the time of the birth of Jesus through his ministry till calvary, it was as though the whole universe stood still observing for 33 years of human history. The seraphs and cherubs watched with bated breath at what each moment of Jesus life would bring. How would Jesus respond to his many temptations?

What if Jesus sinned? Surely that would upset the entire form books of the universe....

soli deo gloria!

God Bless =)

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