Wednesday, September 19, 2007

From Christianity to Badminton...?

Well...aside from the 'occasional' posting my thoughts and apologetics stuff, for those of you who do not know me yet, another thing i have a passion for is BADMINTON! Besides the fact that i come from a country that is badminton mad especially when the Thomas Cup comes by (our version of the World Cup), it has been a sport i have always enjoyed playing since i was a little wee fellow.

Note that i enjoy all sports in general (haven't found one i didn't like yet, hmm...maybe lacrosse) and i feel that sports overall for me is a God given outlet to remain sharp both physically and mentally (yes...and the best sport of all for me,badminton, is a thinking game too!) as well as an avenue i can relieve my 'stresses' of life =)

For all you other badminton fans out there, this one is for you....

Just copy the URL into your address bar, play and pass it on!
First badminton flash-based game that i have ever come across, note that the link is for the v.2 of the game, v.1 is a lot harder to play let alone score, trying it the first time...

Another random post...enjoy!

soli deo gloria!